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Bring your children’s favourite stories to life with our amazing Story Sacks & Collections!


Starting at the incredibly low price of £29.49, StorySight Story Sacks are a fantastic activity to engage children’s interest; they will captivate, excite, and amaze, and with the huge selection of books and stories we cater for, we can provide hours worth of entertainment for little ones! So what are you waiting for?

Browse our Story Sacks now and give your child a fun-filled experience that they will want to repeat, time and time again!



How do Story Sacks benefit my child?

  • Provides an exciting, fun and educational experiencecropped-favicon-1.png
  • Promotes enjoyment of books and reading that will last beyond their childhood years
  • Promotes early literacy – communication, language and speech development
  • Encourages discovery and learning about different textures and words to describe them (i.e. soft, hard, smooth)
  • Develops and improves on their social skills
  • Develops self-confidence and encourages active participation
  • Develops focus and attention span
  • Encourages reading together and sharing
  • Encourages creative thinking through pretend play using the toys and resources (when the children get older, they may wish to tell their version of the story using the characters and puppets, and create their own scenario or “play” or “show” for the adults or their friends to watch!cropped-favicon-1.png
  • Develop knowledge of a range of different objects and materials and understanding what they are used for
  • Teaches children to value and look after books and equipment (keeping all resources in the sack and replacing it all afterwards)