Personalise Your Story Sack

We also offer a service to provide personalised Story Sacks, tailored to your specific needs, for a slight additional cost. Ideas include:cropped-favicon-1.png

  • Personalising your Sack – you can choose the colour of the sack itself, and we can provide a printed message and/or image on the bag, for example “Happy Birthday Harry”…
  • Personalising your Resources – choosing specific products and items you wish to have in your Story Sack or Set, perhaps you would like a certain brand of toy or an official story audio CD, we can do our up-most to add these for you.
  • Creating a Custom-Made Story Sack or Set – if you have a story in mind that we currently don’t provide a sack/set for, we are willing to create a new product especially for you, based on the book selection.

If you contact us with your personalised product request, we will get back to you within 24 hours with a quote. Please be aware that if you are requesting brand new items and/or story book, the time to process the order and deliver it to you may take longer than a standard purchase.

Please email with your requirements.