What Does StorySight Offer?

Here at StorySight we can provide you with colourful and fun packed Story Sacks that contain books, puppets, and a wide range of relevant resources that will bring your story telling to life, right there in your own home!

We are a relatively small company, run by mum’s with young kids, and having years of experience working in child care and education, we are very passionate about the importance of children having the access to books and reading material from a small age, and how much the learning experience can be extended by adding appropriate story telling resources, to captivate and encourage children and offer them the outlet for exploration, self expression and build on their skill set in so many ways other than just literacy and communication (See our “Welcome” Page for more details of The Benefits Of Story Sacks for Children).

cropped-favicon-1.pngOur Story Sacks are ideal for personal use for parents to entertain and stimulate their own children, and they make great suitably priced gifts for family and friends. They also make excellent teaching resources for use in schools, pre-school settings and other children’s provisions and services.

Why Buy A StorySight Story Sack?

Ranging from just £29.49 through to £49.49 per sack depending on the individual sack chosen, for this bargain price you will receive ALL of the following:

  • A coloured cotton drawstring bag (38x43cm) professionally branded towards the book of your choice
  • A brand new official edition of the book(s)
  • Puppets and/or soft toys of the characters in the chosen story
  • Plus other scenic props and objects relating to the book


One Price, One Complete Sackcropped-favicon-1.png

Once you have purchased one of our Story Sacks, you will receive all the resources we have to offer for that particular product for the one price listed. Each sack has an individual price which is based upon the resources required to fulfil the storytelling of that particular book.

Time Saver

Everything you need for each story is stored together in the one place including the book itself, making it easily accessible so your child can explore each sack again and again, allowing them to see the story unfold in front of their very eyes, using the cute character toys and other materials and story aids included in the sack. The sack can easily be hung up when not being used to keep it out of young children’s reach.

Suitable for 0-8 year olds

StorySight Story Sacks are suitable for a large age bracket, starting from babies through to children around 8 years old. We offer ready- made sacks for many popular titles, “The Gruffalo”, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “The Tiger Who Came To Tea” just to name a few. The materials provided in the sacks have been carefully selected with children’s health and safety in mind, therefore they do not contain small pieces or sharp edges and as long as children are supervised whilst engaging in the activity, toddlers and pre-schoolers can enjoy sensory play by handling and using the story props themselves, as well as having the best seat in the house to watch the re-enactment of the story by you, the parent/family member or teacher!